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October News 2020

Olive Oil to reduce blood pressure


Researchers in Australia have demonstrated that consuming extra virgin olive oil that is high in polyphenols led to a “significant reduction” in two different types of blood pressure.

Peripheral and central systolic blood pressure decreased in study participants by 2.5 and 2.7 mmHG, respectively.

The practical health implications the study are focused on the fact that the addition of just 60 milliliters (about four tablespoons) of extra virgin olive oil in the daily diet can lead to a decrease in systolic pressure that is of great clinical significance and public health importance, especially with regards to the prevention of cardiovascular disease.


Deliveries pre Christmas

Australia Post recommends that for overseas orders to be received by Christmas, items need to be posted by 3st October 2020.

We are still experiencing delays for orders within Australia, especially to Victoria. However things seems to be improving….

Please let me know if need any help tracking orders.

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