Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an intimate cream?

We use the term “Intimate Cream” as opposed to “Personal Lubricant”. This makes purchasing the product more comfortable, and this product has multiple uses apart from intercourse! Women can experience vaginal dryness or itching from several causes, such as menopause, breastfeeding, and skin issues. This product is safe to use as a vaginal moisturiser, or for moisturising of other sensitive mucosal tissues such as a protruding prolapse. It may be used to help insert a pessary, dilator or even a suppository.

What can Olive & Bee be used for?

  • Personal lubricant
  • Intimate Cream for sensitive vulval, vaginal and anal tissues
  • Moisturiser
  • Massage oil
  • Emollient for dry skin
  • Who uses personal lubricants?

    Personal lubricants are designed to decrease vaginal dryness during intercourse. There are many times when this will be more of an issue, such as while breastfeeding or post menopause.

    What is good vaginal health?

    The vagina is meant to have an acidic environment. This encourages the development of good bacteria. Olive & Bee does not upset this pH balance. Olive & Bee is also naturally antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, hence helping to prevent irritation. Using an oil also acts as an emollient, which means it seals the skin to keep microbials out and allow healing.

    Is it compatible with condoms?

    Unfortunately oil based lubricants are not compatible with condoms. To be compatible, the lubricant must be water based, and then needs to have a preservative added. In order to create a 100% natural lubricant we realised that we were not able to achieve condom compatibility.

    Where is Olive & Bee made?

    Olive & Bee is made in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, in South Australia. The ingredients are all Australian, the tubes are made in Australia, and all branding and promotional work is done in Australia. Olive & Bee is 100% Australian made and owned.

    Are there distributor and wholesale prices?

    Please contact us for wholesale and distributor pricing. E mail Claire Osterstock, claire@oliveandbee.com.au, or call 0402 462 970.

    Is Olive & Bee fertility safe?

    We have not yet done sperm testing with Olive & Bee.

    What is a comedogenic rating?

    Comedogenic refers to the ability of a product to block pores.
    High comedogenic means that it readily blocks pores.
    An example of such an oil is coconut oil.

    One of the reasons we chose olive oil for Olive & Bee, is that it has a low comedogenic rating.
    It doesn’t block pores and is readily absorbed by the body.

    So, whether oils are safe to use vaginally depends on the oil.
    Olive oil, and Olive & Bee, are safe choices for vaginal use.

    We have not yet done sperm testing with Olive & Bee.

    Preservative free

    Paraben free

    Mineral oil free

    Fragrance free

    Colour free

    Not tested on animals

    100% Australian owned and made