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March News 2021

Olive Oil vs Vegetable Oil

Cooking oils such as olive oil and vegetable oil are staples for most households all over the world.  You’ve probably heard olive oil is the healthier cooking oil choice, but recipes often call for vegetable oil. So what’s the difference?

Olive Oil vs. Vegetable Oil

Olive oil is produced through the natural crushing of olives. Cold-pressed, unrefined olive oil made without heat or chemicals is known as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Olive oil is technically a fruit oil.

As for vegetable oil, the term refers to any oil that comes from plant sources. It will depend on the brand, but most vegetable oils are a blend of canola, corn, soybean, safflower, palm, and sunflower oils.

Is One Oil Healthier Than the Other?

Olive oil is essentially a naturally-pressed juice with its health benefits intact. Vegetable oil does not have the nutritional benefits.

Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil Smoke Points

It’s a common misconception that vegetable oil should be used for frying as it has a higher smoke point. Vegetable oil’s smoke point is around 238ºC while olive oil is still very high at around 210ºC. A study comparing 10 of the most commonly used oils found that extra virgin olive oil is actually the most stable cooking oil.

US Amazon Customers

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