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July News 2019

Beautiful Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Let me introduce you to Andrew and Emily, and their olive farm in South Australia, Seaview Grove.
Andrew and Emily Down purchased the Currency Creek property in 2010, and were the first to harvest the oil from the 1800 Barnea and Kalamata olive trees.They farm using certifies organic techniques, and process and package the oil on-site.
Seaview Grove produces very high quality, laboratory tested, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). This is the high quality oil we use to make Olive & Bee.
Their EVOO is packed in a “pouch” or “bag in a box”, which keeps the oil fresh for at least 24 months.

Andrew says “Many of the health benefits come from the high levels of polyphenols which give the olive oil a peppery/bitter taste that will burn the back of your throat if you drink it. If it lacks this peppery taste then it probably isn’t EVOO.”

For more information, and to purchase this high quality olive oil, please visit:

891 Radio Interview

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be interviewed on ABC Radio Adelaide by Sonya Feldhoff.
She interviewed 3 South Australian business owners about their potential to export into China.
Here I am in the studio with Rob Turnbull of Bull & Bull Wines. Rob was also one of the winners of the C3 Challenge, hence we were both in Shanghai together last month.
Check out his fine Australian wines, also produced in South Australia, at:

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