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April News 2020

Coronavirus Update

I’m sure you’re all overwhelmed with emails from various companies right now, so I will keep this brief.

  • All our packaging and ingredients are Australian made, so we have no issue with manufacture.
  • Our hygiene procedures are already exceptional.
  • We have been working overtime to stock up on Olive & Bee in case the factory is forced to close for a period.
  • Online orders and deliveries will still be available, but we have temporarily suspended the “pick-up in store” option.
  • Overseas deliveries are still available, but expect significant delays into some countries, as there are now few planes flying out of Australia.
  • There may also be delays on local orders, as most Australian states are closing their borders soon. Freight will still get through but please be patient as we expect delays.

In summary, Olive & Bee Intimate Cream is still available, but if you are running out, order soon! Also, please remember to wash your hands after handling any parcels delivered to your door. Coronavirus can live on cardboard for 24 hours and on plastic for 72 hours.

Please feel free to reach out to me. I can be contacted at: Including your full name in correspondence will allow we to chase up any queries faster.

I wish you all well during this really difficult time.

Best wishes and stay well, Claire.

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