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April News 2019

Olive & Bee in China!

7 weeks ago I entered a national entrepreneur’s competition called the C3 Challenge. I had 7 weeks to get a business plan together to sell a product into China.

Over 400 businesses entered, and after 22 assignments(!), I made it to the Grand Finale in Sydney! The top 8 businesses had to pitch to a live audience, and 4 judges decided on the winners.

I am very proud to say that I came second! The top 3 winners will be going on a business trip to Shanghai next month, to learn more about how we can start exporting to China!

Interestingly out of the top 3 businesses, 2 were companies run by women, and 2 were from South Australia!

Pay less for postage!

You’ll be glad to know that I have negotiated a better deal with Australia Post. Standard delivery has dropped from $12 to $10 across Australia.



Back in Stock!

We now have Jane’s book available on our website for $25.

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